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Bamboo Blinds

Tropical Outdoor Bamboo Blinds

The resort style Tropical Outdoor Bamboo Blinds are mainly produced from "Bertam" Bamboo or commonly known as "Buluh Bertam" or "Buluh Attap" in Malaysian Language.

"Bertam" Bamboo is only available in tropical countries such as in Malaysia. It is highly recommended for outdoor use in order to provide privacy, to block or keep out from hot sun and rain.

As bamboo has its natural uniqueness, the colour toning and the width of each bamboo slat may differ. The colour of "Bertam" Bamboo surface is normally in brownish colour. The width for each bamboo slat is approximately 1/2" with half oval shape. Bamboo is a type of grass that multiplies itself and therefore is a sustainable resource. When you choose Bamboo Blinds, you make an ecological contribution that reduces demands for precious woods and help to save our rainforests.

A Step-by-Step Process in Obtaining Tropical "Bertam" Raw Bamboo from Bamboo Forest by Malaysian "Orang Asli"

Characteristics of Resort Style Outdoor Bamboo Blinds:
  • Provides privacy
  • Resort style - the creation of a relaxing and cozy ambience
  • Elegant, stylish, unconventional, homely and natural - to reflect your distinctive personality
  • Ideal for all ocassion, especially for hotels, sea-view or beach resorts, pubs, clubs, household commercials, etc
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Flexible Rol-up System and easy install orientated
  • Good ventilation and circulation of fresh air & ideal to use for sun shade - you can still look out through windows while being shaded from the sun.
  • To block or keep out from rain and strong wind
  • For upholstery or decorations
  • For "Feng Shui" (Geomantic Omen) philosophy"
  • Only required minimum maintenance
  • Can be installed on ceiling, inside or overlap window frame, lintel or wall according to customer's references
  • Can be use on balcony, pergoals, gazebos, living room, patio, etc.
  • Our Bamboo Blinds are finished in your choice of colours it can be treated with varnish to maintain the natural look
Blinds Design Patterns

DIY Bamboo Blinds (Code 838)

Measurement Unit Price (MYR) Measurement Unit Price (MYR)
4'(48") x 6'(72") 84 6'(72") x 8'(96") 168
4'(48") x 7'(84") 98 7'(84") x 6'(72") 147
4'(48") x 8'(96") 112 7'(84") x 7'(84") 172
5'(60") x 6'(72") 105 7'(84") x 8'(96") 196
5'(60") x 7'(84") 123 8'(96") x 6'(72") 168
5'(60") x 8'(96") 140 8'(96") x 7'(84") 196
6'(72") x 6'(72") 126 8'(96") x 8'(96") 224
6'(72") x 7'(84") 147  

Blinds Design Patterns

Bamboo Blinds (Code 303) Max. Width : 9ft

Bamboo Blinds (Code 838) Max. Width : 10ft

Bamboo Blinds (Code 833) Max. Width : 10ft

Bamboo Blinds (Code 808) Max. Width : 10ft

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